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We could talk all day about how our team can transform your practice and give you the seamless solutions you’re looking for. Or we could just introduce happy clients who have seen results with our products. Check out some of these doctors’ incredible stories after working with DrDDS.
We do things very differently so the last year or two we've been thinking about doing some custom dental software and we have been looking all over the United States to find the right solution, people who can not only write good software but someone who can integrate with our dental management systems. We look everywhere and we finally met Travis and his team at RecordLinc, and I've been incredibly impressed with not only their depth of knowledge but the fact that they can talk with me at my level of knowledge of computers and they can talk internally at much much deeper level. They understand how important these custom requests are and they understand timing. They are very fair when it comes to pricing, so I couldn't be happier with working with them.
Dr. Kami Hoss | The Super Dentist
One of the solutions that we are pulling out for you is the One Click Referral. Essentially, all it is, is a click of a button.
James Anderson | Arizona Maxillofacial Surgery
It's been great working with them and I'm glad we partnered with them. I can't wait to see the results roll in.
Nilesh Patel | Dental Consultant
"We've actually looked at some other integration options one that we've been using and this is the easiest of all the options out there. This has actually saved us on development costs and I believe it is going to make a great end-product for our clients."
Xana Winans​ | Golden Proportions Marketing
We all have the same challenges. One Click Referral is truly a soliution that has changed the way we care for people.
Dr. Brent Boyse | Arizona Maxillofacial Surgery
Having a smooth integration through these guys has done that more than anything.
Trey Phillips | Swell CX
One Click is very convenient! It's the fastest way to receive information from the dentist and to communicate with the patient to get them scheduled.
Amanda - Referral Coordinator | Lorton Oral Surgery
With One Click, it's a lot easier to keep track of patients.
Steven - Front Desk Staff | Springfield Oral Surgery
The cases no longer get lost, it's a win-win situation.
Dr. Alan Farber | Farber Center for Periodontics & Dental Implants
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Taking Practices to the Next Level

We’ve come up with products that provide seamless solutions for dentists, vendors, investors, and more.
Custom practice management integrations.
  • API Integration
  • Easily Integrate with CSAs
  • Dental Software Integration Solutions
Your End-To-End Marketing Automation Solution For Your Business
  • Convert Dental Leads With Workflows
  • Converse With Customers
  • Manage Your Pipelines
Integrate GoHighLevel with dental practice software.
  • Patient Reminders
  • Reputation Management
  • Increased Treatment Acceptance
Training tools for sales reps that sell products to dentists.
  • Learn what makes dentists different
  • 14 cardinal rules of selling to dentist
  • 20 things that are MOST IMPORTANT to dentists
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